Budget Blues

Funny day today was. I woke up in the morning to see the newspaper being slipped through my door. It is the Times of India that i read, unfortunately of course. But I have no option but going with the flow. I took a look at the time. 8.20 am. Oh my God, I wondered. Late for college again. But wait, it’s also Budget Day.

Our honourable Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram(most of us don’t even know what P stands for in his name), had given out the Annual Budget to the country. Then I switched on the radio and echoes of disappointment bounced off my eardrums. People were disappointed in general, I believe. Service tax increased(indirectly), Petrol duty came down, Education got an additional one percent cess. These were probably the highlight’s of the “common man’s” budget, as most of Mr. Chidambaram’s budgets are known as.

Then I read another thing about the budget not interesting at least 44% of the people of this country. I agree that it is absolutely difficult to implement national activity and awareness into our already super-tight working and studying schedules. But maybe knowing what you should know is important.

Anyway, I resume living another financial year in the country…


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