The Times of……

The Times of India must be the opening chapter of every day of our lives, I guess. I hear it early morning on the radio, then the hardcopy itself is waiting at my doorstep, waiting to be picked up and flipped through. Today was all cricket. These Times guys are smart. They publish pictures which have double meanings. The photo of Sachin Tendulkar walking past a billboard post of “Welcome to Jamaica” and 2 girls in the background, supposedly made me think there was some kissing going on. Controversies !!

The media of the nation is obsessed with controversies. They are a part and parcel of our lives. But controversies are very misleading. It would be wise of us to not be cynical and become a mouthpiece for the media. Because they earn when we spark debates on controversies.

Sometimes, I wonder whether the Times is genuinely the “national newspaper” of India. They are so ridiculously Bollywood-oriented, that they would prefer gossip even on the front page. Tomorrow, the Times of India might come with Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya’s Rai’s wedding photos on their front page and sell a billion copies.

Business corrupts the mind, doesn’t it? We have to live with it, until we can make a difference. Till then, it is the monopoly of the Times of……


One thought on “The Times of……

  1. Times ..its really doubt.. is it National Daily. It has many things which does not add value to us. But then also we waste our precious time and read it very nicely.

    In my opinion the Newspaper should contain “NEWS” but.. now a days, i think its more then that. Parents also have some fear in minds to hand over newspaper to their children to read it.

    Volume of the newspaper is increasing day by day but i am waiting for quality in it…

    I waiting for such one day.

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