Cricket’s conundrum

Ok, this one’s straight after seeing an over of the India-Netherlands Cricket World Cup warmup game. I am sure the country’s busy drooling over the prospect of a 2-month cricketing carnival, but let me warn you all. The first couple of games could be extremely un-cricketing.

7 No-balls from the Dutch bowler(I don’t even remember his name) characterised by Virender Sehwag’s return to form. No wait. That certainly is not cricket in it’s true class. Sehwag was spanking the ball around like as if an India U-12 bowler had him play along. That is not the Sehwag we know, at least not the one of the last few months 😉

India should sweep-romp-crush-bundle(4 words combined gives a dynamic effect, doesn’t it ?) the Netherlands by the time I get home after writing this post. Maybe, cricket’s truest and deepest truth is that the game is best played by the 10 nations most capable of playing it…What say?


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