The Wedding of the Century

Fame is an ambiguous, unpredictable happening in the country named India. It can call you crashing down to the dumps of being infamous or elevate your status to God. I am, of course, talking about the Bachchans and the Rais.

Can you even imagine the state of a nation that covers the wedding of two film actors on it’s front pages and has news channels talking 24*7 about it? Can you even imagine the fact thta every detail of a simple bonding between two souls of a very hypocrytic “industry” was covered with such petty details that it felt like the re-union of Lord Rama & Sita? Stop imagining(read this if you are a foreigner), as you can feel it right here in India.

I pity myself. I pity you. I pity everyone around me. The Indian media has become a truly ridiculous representation of fame-gone-wrong. They have absolutely no sense of what is right and wrong for the nation. Journalism is being shreaded to bits and pieces and people are being blinded by the fact that those “souls” are Godly and deserve to be up there while they languish in the dirtiness of the street. Trust me, I prefer the dirt…..


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