Terror again? Hehe, nothing new…..

I chose this particular title for my 50th post on this blog because it reflects the attitude of the Indian government and people towards what is fast becoming an ignored sector in people protection and security.

Terror, with it’s wings wide open, stuck yet again. Another attack. Another city in crisis. More people dead. Does it matter? I seriously doubt it.

The irony remains that the UPA is well aware yet again that dreaded PoK outfits LET & JEM are behind the attacks. India’s policy of handling terror, which is becoming increasingly annoying and irritating, comes under the scrutiny yet again.

Being aware of terror and thwarting it is as smart as the country can get now. Because once terror is in action, we are embarassingly powerless to handle it.

Despite being a military powerhouse, our political system and approach towards sensitive situations just don’t make us capable of handling terror by the struff of it’s neck.

In the end, all one can do is look up to God and hold hands together, praying that justice will at least come from the heavens…..


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