LIFE AT INFY: The corporate environment……

When you enter Infy’s magnificent Mysore campus, you would believe that your in a different world altogether. It’s a sparkling, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, technologically-advanced corporate forest with professionals cycling around in Ladybird cycles(you do get Hercules, but they are rare and even the men prefer the Ladybirds because they have a holder to put out your belongings) and the green campus shining up to a new day.

The campus is brilliant, to say the least. No other software training centre would beat it. There are 3 food courts, a sparkling golf-ball like Multiplex, an excellent cricket ground and the Production centre is absolutely immense. They maintain the grass so well, that your fined if you step on it!

You basically sit in your cabin, do your work and pack up by the evening. This is just the beginning……


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