Plastic Theory

When a man can give as stellar a performance as the one that Shahrukh Khan gave in Chak De India and produce that despicable, deplorable and appalling show at the Filmfare Awards 2008, then something just isn’t right. He is an example of how to create a positive image that is totally accredited to others (directors, script writers, dialogue writers and all the other noble men who have made Shahrukh “King Khan”) and in the meantime be your dim-witted, futile self when you want to be so.

Yes, this is Shahrukh Khan. The way we don’t know him actually. Given his God-gifted talent, you’d expect him to produce the kind of work he has done in Chak De & Swades and the other rare good films of his. But the guy is clearly blank from within and is more a plastic icon than a role model.

Since there is God in India and after God there’s him, most of us will have enjoyed it like all the other dustbin fillers of the film industry did on the fateful night. But there is really no logic behind that abysmal showing. Apparently, if dancing in a towel with fellow gay impressionist Saif Ali Khan (whom Kareena Kapoor should be fearing sleeping with now) would have impressed Sanjay Leela Bhansali enough to cast him in his next film, then it’s a job well done sir.

But if the Kabir Khan of Chak De and Mohan Bhargav of Swades can produce this kind of flush-it-before-it-stinks factory garbage, then his credentials as one of the country’s faces should be dissected.

Now, before we get more dustbin content than we already have. Mr. SRK, this one stinks so bad that I don’t have cats and dogs sniffing around it seeking some stomach fillers.


9 thoughts on “Plastic Theory

  1. well.. that saawariya bit sure sucked but rest was’nt that bad.. it was kinda cheap but better than many other so called humourous content that sells these days!
    But yes, i agree that shahrukh is a media-made god. he is superbly smart and utilizes his smartness and media’s foolishness to the optimum. Well.. i guess thats how stars function!
    Nicely written, superbly expressed.. job well done!!

  2. @pranay
    I was just trying to give people an idea of his split personality. Many consider him a role model. And this is not what role models do.
    Thanks for your time.

  3. dude, chill. We get your point but whats the harm in doing it?. This kind of stuff happens even in hollywood. After all SRK is an entertainer.NO offense dude. Just my 2 cents.

  4. @ajay
    I agree with your point about him being an entertainer. This is what entertainers do. But I was just wondering how wrongly he utilizes his icon status, unlike maybe Aamir Khan or even Hrithik Roshan. So just wrote this post. I agree that he’s here to earn money only. But then, what about all that “India blah blah” that he talks in public?
    It’s all hypocrisy then, isn’t it?

  5. That’s why I always feel that Aamir Khan is the real ‘King Khan’. We need role models, not just entertainers.

  6. Kudos to what you said brother . I am an Aamir Khan fan . I want substance in my cinema , that is why . Goddamn the OSO’s, HeyyBaby’s, Saawariya and Kidnaps’s .

  7. Yes Kislay. True. Aamir Khan makes a lot of sense and looks like a person with genuine philanthrophic concerns for India.

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