Indian English

In an age where English has assumed astronomical importance in terms of getting a career and a life, we still find our own ways of getting the message across even if our vocabulary is limited or our ignorance needs to be pacified. And that involves manipulating the world’s business language in ways that suit us best.

In fact, if the verbal Indian curry hadn’t been garnished with desi English toppings, then it would hardly have turned out to be as delicious as it is today, no? Our fundas are clear. Our mugging works better than ever in schools and colleges. We are as enthu as ever. More despo than frantic desperation. So congo for that, friends.

The West may feel that our English has gone for a toss. But I love this language of ours more than priceless Shakespearean writing. Our English is basically very very sexy. So what if their head starts paining or their brains go haywire? Arey people don’t mind the eve-teasing please. What we actually mean is ki we love being unique and different and irritatingly not bothered.

Don’t take tension yaar. This was just timepass.

Source: Random research from Wikipedia


7 thoughts on “Indian English

  1. ..absolutely buddy…we cannot understand the thys,thous, etc. of the eng. literature….indian curry is the best.

    …fantabulous post

  2. he he, just like i said. H for Hinglish! why dont you also come up with something like that. will tag you.

  3. What to do? We Indians are like this only.

    We need so much effort to graduate from our schools/colleges that we pass out of them. At times we have lunch alone-alone.

    And even our engg. manuals read “Switch on the ON switch.”

    And we do all this hazaar times.

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