From Pink to Red

7 blasts, 60 dead, terror strikes the Pink City of Jaipur and life goes on. Another typical we-are-united-in-adversity response from the UPA government. There is no doubt that terrorists targeting India have it easier than other countries because of democracy’s fallacies and India’s soft-hearted response to every attack on the mainland.

Terrorism’s latest episode was smartly planned and executed and targeted a city that has never seen such kind of ensuing chaos and despair. Being a hotbed of Indian tourism, Jaipur was always thought to be a city safe from such dastardly, inhuman acts and was never on the priority list of India’s probable targets.

We, the people, meanwhile continue to remain unfazed by this bloodbath as we have done so for many previous attacks. We live on. The cold war is being smartly played by cross-border foes who have now praised India’s response and are trying to assert their “friendship” on us. Let’s just hope we send a message sooner rather than later. Vulnerability, complacency and the feel of defenselessness are eating us from within.

May God bless the victims and their kin.


4 thoughts on “From Pink to Red

  1. This government is coward no doubt about it.
    We folks are not united so this Motherf*** are bombing us at will, This sort of act isn’t possible without internal support.
    Israel is one country which has shown time and again how to deal with these motherf***’s.
    During the late 60’s Arab -Israeli war, Israel had nutrealised the entire Arab air force within less then 45 min……… this call guts and determination..
    On the contrary when Parliament was attack what we did….. we took our army to the border for more than 10 months and came back…………. what a f*** shame man.
    I know one thing this incidence is not gonna change anything, 6 month down the line same thing is gonna happen…………..u will come up with a post full of anger…………. then i will come back again using all the foul language…………
    gosh ………..when this is gonna stop…………. 😦

  2. I wish things could change in our country specially the governing system…
    And yeah! could never understand why God gave these terrorists brain??
    Considerate post..

  3. Yes. The problem is India no longer respects it’s dead. We are losing the plot. No one is bothered about national security. In fact, I doubt whether people even care enough. The media doesn’t help either.

    People are dieing. Let them die. As long as you are alive, you are happy. -> The new-age mantra to live good.


  4. Yes, and the problem also is that India is getting used to it. The number of dead is just another statistic in the morning newspaper.

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