Finally then. Thank you Aaj Tak, India TV, Live India and all of the other we-love-to-spread-fear mass media organizations for signaling the end of the world with your Colgate smiles and Himesh noises. Hats off to your incredible findings that will allow us to splash our cash, drink and drive, be merry and more importantly, be afraid.

If you take a moment to think about the kind of fear that thousands of people live with everyday and to add more nonsense to fragile and emotionally weak Indian minds, to play with the feelings of thousands of innocent human beings and to provoke utterly meaningless discussions over the so-called END OF THE WORLD theory, then you can only pity the kind of misery we have learnt to adjust with every hour of every day.

Men will eat men. Wars will burn this world and tear it apart. Food and fuel won’t exist. But let’s face it when it comes face-to-face. Sensationalism will kill us anyway. So pledge to stop tuning into the greatest entertainment channels of the country if the world does not end on 21st December, 2012.

And if this supremely ridiculous end-of-life theory works, then it’s all over anyway.


4 thoughts on “21-12-2012

  1. gosh………the worst part is that people even believe this crap……..these news channel should be censored 😉

  2. that’s why these so called news channels call themselves infotainmrnt channels..I guess now they should call themselves sutpidtainment 😛

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