Stop killing yourself over the TV

NDTV reports:

The Supreme Court is upset with the quality of television programmes shown nowadays.

Questioning the content of TV programmes the court observed, ” Can there be a day in 365 days, a family can sit together and watch TV without an assault on basic values?”

Television is as much a curse as a boon. We neutralize it’s negative impact by openly acknowledging the amount of knowledge it feeds to us. But with the kind of stuff shown on television these days, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the medium needs to be carefully observed and regulated.

Again and again.

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2 thoughts on “Stop killing yourself over the TV

  1. Very very true. Its not only the violence..which is bad enough. The amount of sexual content and nudity is alarming..certainly not safe for family viewing. And the worst of the lot are the cheap news channels who will go at extreme lengths to get more viewers.

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