Don’t expose CNN-IBN to your kids

The devil in CNN-IBN is very much alive as it took me only a little research on their website to yield shocking images of pure sensationalism and TRP-inspired coverage of news. These will make you wonder whether IBN employs vicious monsters and blood-thirsty vampires to do their journalism for them.

Sample these:

What has the symbol OM got to do with terrorism of any form? The sensitive symbol of the Hindu faith has been shamelessly associated with terror by the IBN team. The news channel should be sued for lack of discipline in reporting.

The amount of blood displayed in the background is horrendous. This was a news item of theirs aired during the Aarushi Talwar murder case.

An image screened often by IBN in connection with murders of Indian students in the USA. The less said, the better.

When will the Supreme Court take strict action against the media as they deserve to be admonished and castigated for the irresponsibility displayed in their willful abuse of the freedom of speech?

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11 thoughts on “Don’t expose CNN-IBN to your kids

  1. Not just CNN-IBN, much of our media goes overboard in its efforts to sound ‘secular’! If you pay attention to atheist Barkha Dutt’s juvenile written and spoken arguments, you will be left with no doubt!

  2. I think you meant:
    “dont expose your kids to CNN-IBN”

    but why pick just this channel? As others have also pointed out this seems to be the case with all channels.

    I agree with you that CNN-IBN has gone overboard to sensationalize news. But then all channels are guilty of this. Perhaps good old DD can be excluded from the pack of baddies.

  3. @IHM
    I agree.

    Yes. All forms of media go overboard with their efforts to deliver us the news.

    @L. Venkata Subramaniam
    Either way, just don’t be “exposed” :-).

    I have no bias against CNN-IBN, but I based this post on the kind of pictures I obtained and these were all from CNN-IBN. I agree that Aaj Tak and India TV are a step further.

    Right about DD. I still watch DD News. It gives me hope. And I love its innocence.

  4. But you know even DD is biased-mostly news items catering to the ruling party are presented and snapshots of the ministers in the ruling party are the most common. However, you re right about DD-it still gives hope.
    And I totally agree with most people here that media coverage ought to be checked. I think if one news channel has to be named for sensationalism than I would name- INDIA TV. I have seen several news items having nothing of importance being sensationalized on that channel and the gory coverage of accidents, mishaps is of course there too.

  5. A law was supposed to be implemented where the media had to get everything approved before showing it to public. What happened to that?
    Maybe that law is our last hope.

  6. @mashedmusings The trouble with any such laws is then we will only get to watch/read what the ruling party wants us to. Soon bloggers will also be censored. A free but useless media is better than a censored but useless media.
    Our politicians will love any law to control the media!
    I believe DD is the state’s voice.

  7. @mashedmusings
    I would take IHM’s opinion on this one. It makes sense in having a free media. But responsibility is something that should be invoked from within and it’s a shame that most news channels don’t do that.

    For the time being, free speech works with the media being a mouthpiece for anything and everything.

  8. the day they (media) showed Prince rescue live for god knows how many hours with corny lines, i officially gave up on news!

    i still like my newspaper!

    and in any case we dont have cable TV at home. so internet is the only other place!



  9. gory image, true. Lets not rush to law, it would defect democracy of any sort.

    But reformation in society. Imagine channels being run by more principled individuals. I think beyond markets and states, we need reformation in the way individuals think and act.

    With blogs like yours we got a good chance mate

  10. oh goodness… I have never seen CNN-IBN but as Rajdeep Sardesai’s channel would have expected more of it. of course the rest are equally bad.. they try and sensationalize everything, don’t they? The assumption I guess is that is is what pulls veiwers..very sad

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