To the People:
I am speechless. I have a lot to say, yet words will do no justice. In the meantime, let us UNITE. It’s a war. So many people dead. So many more injured. So many heroes sacrificed, including the ATS chief.

To the Media:
Put your conspiracy theories to dust, you wicked manipulators. Shut the hell up and show a heart, a human side of you. If you have any.

To the Government:
Spineless bunch of hard-hearts, realize the seriousness of the situation. It’s a bloody war. A full-scale, full-fledged war in disguise of a proxy war. Only in a war do attackers come well-prepared, from open sides of the territory being defended, with a plan in mind, with a meticulous modus operandi, with intentions to kill and spread havoc of a new kind. Street terror, hotel terror, public places terror, railway terminus terror, restaurant terror. You name it and it happened yesterday. Unite now, ghastly politicians.

To the Terrorists:
Come out and face us, bloody cowards.

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8 thoughts on “26/11/2008

  1. the more i read, worse i feel…

    praying for those who lost their lives defending our country and those still trying to without a concern for their life and for the innocent civilians caugh in crossfire…


  2. Trailblazer, your blood boils. The blood of many like you lies on the roads of Mumbai. But our politicians can only see votes in it. And our media luminaries do what their handlers want them to. After months of shouting about ‘Hindu terror’, Rajdeep Sardesai terms this invasion of India from the sea ‘urban terror’. Barkha Dutt is worried about Pakistan becoming the fall guy “when things like these happen”. They cannot even utter the word ‘Islamic terror’ even though that is what the whole world call it rightly. How can this nation be safe when these are its voices?

  3. @Abha
    Yes. I hope your prayers come good.

    @Vinod Sharma
    I basically have no words. Hence, the very erratic post. The pseudo-secular media is a pain anyday.

  4. I just hope that we do learn something out of it.
    It should not be one of those incidences which we put behind us and forget.

  5. Well Spoken!

    This needs to be aired, over and over again, even now as channels are still in a frenzy, doing the post mortem, and the Govt. isnt.

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