Perennial Dumbness

[Source: NDTV feedback page]

May better sense prevail.

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12 thoughts on “Perennial Dumbness

  1. May I ask something? What are you trying to pinpoint here? Are you commending NDTV or presenting facts against the government or both? Sorry couldnot understand.hope you don’t mind my asking you straight away..

  2. Trailblazer, I want to ask; Will better sense prevail? Will it? Of course not.

    Even in the middle of the tragedy, Barkha Dutt and NDTV were playing politics. I don’t know whether any one noticed the manner in which Milind Deora, apparently a close friend of Barkha, was promoted on that channel.

  3. That was a good one . Rajdeep Turd-esai and Sar-kha Dutt be damned . Btw , have you watched Times Now ? as far as I have observed , they have been much more productive and relatively less biased , or rather nor biased at all .

  4. The TV channels dish out the disgusting tamasha because there are jerks out there demanding it.

  5. @Mithe
    I understand you are a regular reader and commentor on this blog. Hence, let me leave it to you to figure out what I’m intending to say through this image I picked up from the NDTV feedback page.


  6. @Vinod_Sharma
    Yes, I did notice Deora’s more-than-often appearances on the channel. The South Mumbai MP seemed at ease however with the situation, which can be seen as promotion.

    Times Now, according to many, has been less biased in their reporting. But I would disagree because showing live coverage of the NSG in action is immoral enough to blame them.

    The less said, well said.

    @Does it Matter
    Exactly. But responsibility is something. The media should’ve realized that just because people would enjoy such a showing as if it was some Hollywood film, it doesn’t mean they go about showing it. Most of the people are entertainment-starved fools, DIM. But it is still in the hands of the media whether to broadcast such outrageous footage.

  7. Lolzzz.I understood finally-that was good thinking Trailblazer-I am grateful to you for making ME realize what this post meant.Well, as usual, You have hit it bang on-however, this time around I eally think some channels worked with sensitivity.Aajtak was a little subdued and I thought even NDTV India was ok. Normally, its the English channels that are commended for better coverage. But let’s face it-no channel could have stopped the coverage-its their bread and butter!

  8. @Mithe
    Thank God, the misconception is cleared.

    Yes, the Hindi news channels appeared more restrained than their English counterparts. But everything stops at live coverage. All those channels which showed live coverage are guilty and I think most of them did.

  9. I used to respect this channel. I despise it now, for being so foolishly sticky to propaganda and the so called TRP’s.
    Someone tell me what does TRP mean?

  10. Well, you are right of course. The live coverage proved to be disastrous this time. I even read a news article yesterday where a British tourist spoke against CNN where by chance her position was revealed to the terrorist standing nearby. She said that she escaped by immediately hiding behind a big cupboard or something.This is just one example of the carelessness of media in handling this situation. I am wondering wasn’t there one itelligent person on any of the news channels who could point out the danger of such extensive live coverage? I agree with Mampi here-NDTV was one sane channel,(I thought) but this time around I am even ashamed to admit that I considered this channel worth it.. 😦

  11. These television channels are over-reacted for these attack and making the work of Mumbai police and NSG commandos very hard. And also no other issues have been telecasted on them for the past one week. This is the only thing they are showing over and over like no other important thing is not happening all over the world. Let they have to think out of their TRP ratings.

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