King kaun hai, Shahrukh?

Aaj Tak reporter: Toh aap ko kaun lagta hai King of Khans, Shahrukh?

Shah Rukh Khan: Arey, kahaan King. Hum kahaan ke King, yaar. King toh Billie-Jean King hai. King toh Larry King hai. Hum toh employees hai.

TCGH offers an exclusive copy of HOW TO FOOL PEOPLE AND BECOME A SUPERSTAR to the response that best explains the logic in the above reply.

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12 thoughts on “King kaun hai, Shahrukh?

  1. Ahhh… hmmm…. To hell with it, you shouldn’t ask such difficult questions 🙂 This Shahrukh guy hardly seems to have any logic. I guess I’ve lost out on that exclusive copy, eh? It’s OK, I’ll still try to explain this guy’s logic. Just hang on.

  2. lol..what a life saving question this is no? We are all so affected by the answer,come on people lets answer in droves, the fate of the nation depends upon it!
    This guy has lately become so full of himself..I liked his simplicity earlier…he has changed and it is visible..

  3. There is a king size was going on between the Khans…Shahrukh is the ‘king’ among the emplyees…Aamir thinks otherwise…good natak.

  4. @Krishna
    Keep trying. You haven’t lost the chance yet. I’m actually trying to get it signed by him. And that could take some time. So, please keep thinking and trying.


  5. @Mithe
    Yeah. He’s number ONE, you know. 😉

    Possibly. Your answer will be considered. 🙂

    I know how much he is liked. I have actually tried studying him and to see what makes him so likeable, especially among women.

    Hmm. Please read above reply. 🙂

    Yeah, it’s a rare pic.

  6. actually Shahrukh is damn smart and he knows he is the king of bollywood but he does not want to say it himself so he is mocking the interviewer for asking such a silly question…am sure he must have laughed his guts off once the reporter had left..

    so when do i get my book? is it hardbound or paperback? indian or international edition? I wud prefer the international one if u please..

  7. like him or hate him….he is the most knowledgeable star of our times…..
    he hasn’t made his ground out of nowhere…..
    and yes white_angel- you gave a nice answer

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