The right rhetoric

This blog has criticized Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the past. But there is a certain punch packed in his statements today that give official recognition to what is now the most serious threat to India – state-sponsored cross-border terrorism.

And the PM has done a laudable job by shoving this hidden truth onto the face of our neighbours, who are bordering on almost being psychotic about the entire farce of abnegation of 26/11 evidence handed over to them.

The PM said the November 26 Mumbai attacks were clearly carried out by the Pakistan-based outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. He added the Mumbai attack must have had support from some official agencies in Pakistan.

“Given the sophistication and military precision of Mumbai attacks, some Pakistani official agencies must have supported them,” said the PM. [TOI]

Thank you for speaking for the one billion people of India, Prime Minister. The use of the word official is particularly commendable as he has risen above the opinions of petty anti-national elements not only around the country, but also in his own party to speak the widely-dismissed truth.

The PM’s statements have already come as a rude blow to Pakistan. And rightly so.

Mahmud Ali Durrani, advisor to the Pakistan prime minister on national security, said he believed Singh’s comments were “unfortunate”.

Both countries should not enter into a “blame-game” and India should let Pakistan complete its investigations into the Mumbai attacks, Durrani told Dawn News channel. [TOI]

Complete the investigations? Better humour please.

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19 thoughts on “The right rhetoric

  1. I totally agree. I thought exactly the same when I saw the news today. Yes – Finally our PM has come out strong. And yes – the Pakistani response was very predictable. But kudos to Dr Singh!

  2. @Smitha
    Yes. Pleasing change from using sentences like To err is human, when Antulay spoke filth.

  3. @Kislay
    I would disagree, mate. The government has rightly been an object of inaction throughout it’s tenure but the current brand of diplomacy being pursued is sensible. You, I believe, know and understand that war is not an option.

    In the absence of extremist options like war, the UPA has done well. It is disappointing that they took four years to realize this but we’ve spent enough time and energy whipping them for their mis-deeds.

    In retrospect of the current situation, the question should be more like “What is Pakistan doing in response to our demands?” and not “What is the Government doing?”.

  4. I believe our actions and inactions are to a plan that would not leave an escape route for Pakistan and may finally help us to get rid of state sponsored terrorism, in our context. BanglaDesh election results on one side and the very calculated and seemingly low key response to the 26/ 11 attacks (considering the provocation and the popular mood, on the other, bode well for India. Pakistan is in deep trouble financially and instability wise and cannot afford to get diplomatically isolated too. Our foreign policy under the PM is working perfectly fine until now.

  5. Yes, I watched him speak. Today, there was an unusual confidence and assurance on his face. But Pakistan has immediately dismissed his statement as well as the evidence India had sent in the dossier. I don’t how anyone could have thought that it would have been otherwise – if he knew that this differentiation between state and non-state actors was nothing but simple deception.We are back to square one. I may be in a minority here, but I do not see any peaceful resolution to the this very basic issue that is fundamental to Pakistan’s very identity as a country.

  6. Trailblazer I can’t add anything more to what you have said, I agree when you say the current brand of diplomacy being pursued is sensible… war is not an option…In the absence of extremist options like war, the UPA has done well. In retrospect of the current situation, the question should be more like “What is Pakistan doing in response to our demands?” and not “What is the Government doing?” I also agree with Mr JP Joshi. A very Happy New year to you and to TCGH 🙂

  7. I have a few thoughts on this :India has been subjected to terrorism since the last few decades and with the kind of hostile neighbours that we have around us, (China, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Pakistan), this state of fundamentalism will continue for a few decades to come. In these scenario, what we need to do is, while being politically diplomatic, we need to have very strong network between our anti-terrorist bodies – RAW, CBI, ATS etc and develop a very strong intelligence base to counter these attacks. I agree, war is not an option but we cannot completely depend on our neighbours to curb these since, at a point, they too realise that the terrorists they funded and nurtured are now out of their control.

  8. The latest is that Pakistan says its not to be held accountable for and responsible for terrorists who are its citizens. Wow! So will they allow us to help them by attacking Pakistan and taking action against them?They remind me of Gandhari – willful blindness

  9. @Mr. Joshi
    I agree. It is important to recognize coercive diplomacy where it is being practiced. The PM may not be as vociferous as Pranab Mukherjee, but he is using the right words.

  10. @Mr. Sharma
    That is true, Mr. Sharma. Despite the government onslaught, even I cannot figure the future out properly. Pakistan MUST act. The sooner, the better. Not only for us, but also for them

  11. @IHM
    Yes, IHM. Happy New Year to you too.

    I agree that security must be beefed up and intelligence should wake up and resume its duty of protecting the country by gathering information through covert missions.

    Yes, Pakistan has realized. The baby nurtured with such dutiful care has grown up. And grown up to be out of control.

  12. @Ritu
    Yes. Wilfull, indeed. Well said. Compulsive falsehood, if you’d like to call it. [Link]

    I dont think, Kislay. I seriously dont. If a half-dead state is trying to bring down a blossoming one by provoking it to war, then it is that half-dead state which profits.

    Losers dont mind more losses. They are used to it. It is the winners that cant bear even one.

  13. @ Trailblazer: The REAL question should be “What is the Government doing in the face of Pakistan’s inaction?”@ JP Joshi: Unfortunately that foreign policy has failed in achieving most of our strategic goals and has often been knee-jerk and ad-hoc (e.g. the official stance on Gaza)***@ Vinod: You are right…We are unlikely to have any simple peaceful resolution here…Unfortunately the current leadership is too worried to think strategically and it is too close to elections for anyone to bother taking any decisive steps.***All: Read this post for 12 steps to shock and awe Pakistan’s economy and 8 things that India Inc must do against Pakistan and this which looks at blakanization of Pakistan as a strategic response to terrorism:

  14. @Shantanu
    That, I believe, would be the next question. But when a stubborn character of Pakistan’s type fails to respond, then I dont think it is entirely the fault of the Government.

    I had already read all those links you’ve given. I agree. Diplomacy needs to be increased.

    The intention of this post was just to recognize the fact that the PM holds absolutely no sympathy for any institution in Pakistan, state or non-state, and this is something different from what has been observed over the larger phase of the UPA tenure.

    At least, he’s firm.

  15. Investigations, I can bet any thing, they all must be in the sum bar watching news and laughing their asses of. I am pretty sure, the spokes person must have been trained to speak without laughing.

    We have now lost it, an opportunity where we could have actually solved this, now this will be a yesterday’s news.

  16. Yes, it was long overdue. I don’t understand what took him so long.
    And also I feel that the way Taliban is making its foothold strong in Pakistan is also a good sign. It would be very hard for the whole world to ignore Pakistan now.

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