Shoddy Intimidation

A blogger Chyetanya Kunte has delivered an unconditional apology on his blog to NDTV and Barkha Dutt for criticizing their coverage of the Mumbai attacks and quoting Wikipedia on their role during the Kargil conflict.

However, just a glance at the post [Google Cache] should convince any right thinking individual that the blogger never intended to defame the said media house, but was merely giving an opinion. And how much does the opinion of a single individual even matter to such a revered corporate entity? In truth, not much. Blogs have a lesser reach, inarguably.

In fact, that is what makes this case even more outrageous. To silence a person who is plainly excercising his fundamental right and offering views of what he felt during the time is unconstitutional. What use is the Constitution if the flag bearers of one of the enlisted rights do not respect opinion – praise, criticism alike – driven at them?

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13 thoughts on “Shoddy Intimidation

  1. these are the very people, these media houses who shouted themselves hoarse when the government was goin to put a gag on them. arent they ashamed of themselves of doing something they were so vocally against???? have they forgotten that we live in a free society and freedom to speech is our fundamental right? well all i can say is shame on prannoy roy, one of the most respected names of electronic media to back barkha dutt on this!!!!!

  2. I do agree to the views of blog. If Media has rights to express their views so is each citizen of India

  3. What the Eff? I don’t believe this is happening. I too have written posts on Barkha and others and I am not at all apologetic about that.

  4. I have noticed for long that those who shout for freedom the most to shout down others, are just not ready to grant that same freedom to others to shout them down. Sad that things have come to this pass.

  5. Does that mean that we cannot express ourselves freely on our blogs ? The internet is the last bastion of free speech !

  6. I don’t agree with you there trail where you say that blogs have a lesser reach. Infact, the blogger being forced to speak up aginst his own views is in itself a great indicator of the power of blogs! But it is really a sad thing to have happened.

  7. I wrote about the same 2 days back.

    Now media is going to regulate blogs and who is going to regulate them? Hypocrisy!

  8. OmG! Don’t you think there is some inside story in here? Scores of bloggers criticised the media for their role and coverage. Why has only Ckunte apologised?

    I don’t really understand why and under what pressure did he apologise? I don’t think there is any legal suit possible on him.

  9. @I am what I am
    Shame, indeed.

    @Pangala Nagendra Rao

    Be careful. You might be next. 🙂

    @Vinod Sharma
    Sad, indeed.

    Please do.

    Yes, the internet is the spirit of democracy.


    Well, I wasn’t giving my point of view. Even I believe blogs can make an impact. But the truth, sadly, is different. Of all the things you can list that make an impact, blogs would feature last.

    Hypocrisy is the word.

    Yes. NDTV’s decision to single out one blogger is baffling.

    His comments could possibly be libelous.

    Yes. And the ones who scream and shout Talibanism in India are engaging in it.

    The reporter became the reported.

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