Can anybody stop Dhoni and co? In a thundering second one-day international, India defeated Sri Lanka by 15 runs to take a 2-0 lead in the away series.

But what was more post-match news than the match referee summoning Yuvraj Singh for dissen(raised bat towards the umpire for a blatantly wrong decision) and a Sri Lankan, on the lines of Pakistan’s famous seen-in-every-match supporter, signalling towards Rohit Sharma to sit down when the player was celebrating the win?

The bails. Umpires are humans. Their mistakes are understood, irrespective of the existence of a bias. But bails! What could basic cricket equipment have to do with India’s path to greatness in the sport?

Well, I managed to sneak up on the bails. For no reason, I choose to call them President AAZ and Prime Minister YRG as I failed to get their names. Here’s what happened:-

President AAZ: Hey listen YRG. Today, I’ve come up with a master plan to make sure India doesn’t win.

Prime Minister YRG: What plan?

AAZ: Today I’ve decided that whatever happens we will just refuse to move when India is bowling.

YRG: What? Are you sure of this? Will such denial work?

AAZ: Yes. Trust me. The only way India cannot present a just case to claiming a wicket is by us refusing to fall off.

YRG: Wow. What an idea! This way India may just fail to win. When do you plan to not fall?

AAZ: When Zaheer Khan is bowling. If the ball just merely touches the wicket, don’t fall down.

YRG: OK. But wouldn’t the Indians be suspicious?

AAZ: Dont worry about that. Even living, breathing umpires are against them. We are non-living.

YRG: Any other time?

AAZ: Yes, when their captain Dhoni attempts a stumping or a run out. I urge you to not fall during this time too.


Later, when Dhoni’s attempted run-out fails to dislodge the bails, Dhoni moves towards the wickets in an attempt to shake the stumps up off their ground and fix them back again.

Dhoni grabs hold of the bails.

AAZ: Aaaaaaa….Ouch…..Oooohhhh….I’m falling…..

YRG: Aaaaa….Me too….

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7 thoughts on “Bailgate

  1. India indeed on an amazing streak!

    Didnt get to see these games though. Interesting writeup πŸ™‚

  2. Good one.

    Tell me one thing… Tennis allows players to challenge linesmen, umpires etc. based on Hawkeye.

    What is this regressive stance of the ICC that doesn’t allow Cricket players the same freedom?

  3. @AD, Chirag
    Yes, well played.

    The ICC is hell bent on curbing sledging in cricket and keeping the game as a soft sport. I don’t understand this too. Football, tennis, hockey and many other games allow players to appeal.

  4. he he, and the umpire has done it again. Sachin is given lbw third time in a row for no fault of his
    😦 – Maybe this is the only way to get him to retire…

  5. Lolzz. India won despite all odds, yes
    Todays match looks to swinging India’s way too-hope so!:)))))))))))))
    A very happy mithe today

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