The 25 Things Tag

1) I have lived more than half of my life outside India.

2) Deciding to pursue engineering was not the wisest move in my life. I wish I had the conviction in me to pursue a career in sports, political science or even become a pet detective (Ace Ventura style).

3) I detest fame of all kinds, but secretly dream of hot women screaming my name.

4) My social skills are not terrible, just plainly weird. Sometimes, I dont know why I’ve behaved in a certain way, spoken certain things in public and made certain acquaintances.

5) I like football more than cricket. In fact, I am fanatical to the point that the craze has become an addiction. I cant live without football (playing, watching on TV, brainstorming, gossiping). Period.

6) By posting the same comment five consecutive times on one of my blog posts (an example here), I do not understand your point better than I did after reading it just the once.

7) I am a vegetarian. I have had my spell with smoking. I drink very, very rarely.

8) Sometimes, I like playing the uber-cool fool when I am surrounded by people(women) I wish to leave an impression upon. Sometimes.

9) I dont enjoy being in the company of cynics and sycophants. Other types will do, but these two categories of people make me feel like I need blood donors.

10) Thank God, I’ve reached Number 10 on this list.

11) I think Bollywood plays a hand in keeping India united. On a personal level, Bollywood is not for me (Reasons here). I am your occasionally-found-at-multiplexes kind of guy.

12) I was NOT a bully in school. I did NOT rag anyone in college. As far as I can remember.

13) I do not enjoy dancing, of the type in a discotheque with coloured lights and ‘rocking’ music. I enjoy Garbaa and Dandiya Raas, the folks dances of my home state.

14) During my school days, a history teacher who educated me on the Indian freedom struggle, the World Wars and Mahatma Gandhi was one of my role models. I scored 55 in Social Sciences in 10th. I dont know why (Dont smirk! One of the toppers in my school scored 49 in Social Sciences and 90s in all other subjects). I still believe this was a CBSE-sponsored conspiracy.

15) I hate obsessive love. Simple love is fine. But some lovey-doveys are overtly obsessed with their opposites. I feel life loses pragmatism with this kind of ‘love’.

16) The Fair-N-Handsome effect doesn’t fancy me one bit.

17) I think religion has been misunderstood by people to an extent I had never imagined. And it’s getting worse. And the only tonic is tolerance.

18) I think Priyanka Chopra is very beautiful. And hot. I think Mallika Sherawat is very hot. But not beautiful. In an ideal world, I’d want to marry Priyanka and have an extra-marital affair with Mallika. πŸ˜‰

19) When in my teens, was one of my favourite internet haunts. It doesn’t take a genius to interpret what the site was about, from the name of the site.

20) Sourav Ganguly is my all-time favourite cricketer. During the NatWest final in England in 2002, at 146/5 (when Sachin Tendulkar got out), I made an instant bet with my uncle that India will chase down 326. And we did.

21) I try not to lie. But there are certain situations in life where you just cant seem to ‘go ahead’ if you choose to not lie. I also try not to lie in those situations. But what eventually makes me lie is that greatest fear of ‘being stuck’ in compromising situations.

22) Yes, I realize that I’ve wickedly used this tag to promote some of my previous blog posts.

23) I am usually very calm. MS Dhoni, for me, is a soothing brain that one should attempt to emulate.

24) Two things in the world elevate me to instant bliss – 1) making people laugh 2) scoring a goal in a football match.

25) Thank God, this tag is over. I usually dont enjoy tags. Anybody in the whole wide world can take up this tag from here. Dont pile the pressure on me by expecting me to come up with a list. πŸ™‚

Stay safe.

[Tag request: Indian Home Maker]

(I have a gut feeling that there may be others who would’ve requested this. If you(blogger/reader/Ram Sene hooligan/Congress stooge/BJP hardman/ISI agent) requested one before reading this post, kindly get in touch. A courtesy link is then a necessity.)

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16 thoughts on “The 25 Things Tag

  1. The whole world is tagged with this! I guess, coz. everyone loves speaking about himself/herself.

    you’ve actually used this to promote your links… But we’re not complaining.

    But I didn’t get that 5 time commentator’s point? I was searching your reply to his comment???

    And Garba!!! How could I miss that one in my tag. I’m from Gujarat as well, btw – Gandhidham, Kachchh.

    And what did Ganguly do in that 326 run chase? Was it his topless picture that makes you remember him?

    And only making people laugh and scoring a goal? How about an Orgasm? he he.

  2. You have a knack of saying a lot and yet not saying anything about yourself.. this tag is as anonymous as you are πŸ™‚
    nevertheless liked reading it πŸ™‚

  3. @Rakesh

    26) I do not enjoy speaking about myself.

    27) I haven’t replied to the comment because of general laziness. Thanks for the reminder. πŸ˜‰

    28) I am from Rajkot.

    29) Ganguly’s topless picture was passion. I enjoy spirited passion. And I tend to keep that separate from other dubious passions. πŸ˜‰

    30) Making people laugh and scoring a goal elevate ME to bliss. An orgasm does to everyone, in general.

    @Winnie the Poohi
    There you are! Somebody understood what I actually tried to convey through this post.

  4. I am the same with respect to 3,11,12,15,17 and 24 part 1 . And is nothing like what you suggested . Yes , I did check it out . And where did you study engineering dude ? If you would not mind telling us .

  5. Very informative post! Though i would’ve thought i would know more after reading an entire post dedicated to yourself, like WTP said.


  6. Ace Ventura !! lol thats really rotfl…

    3.) oh yea !!!

    Garba’s rock mara bhai !

    Sourav is my all time favourite Indian sports man too …. he gave Indian cricket the steel it needed.

    nicely done mate !

  7. @Kislay is now dead. It ran out of funds. :-p

    May it rest in peace.


    @Hitch Writer

  8. @Engineering : Ya this was my biggest thing to, before I fell into the trap of an MBA.
    @hot women screaming my name: LOL, this is universal
    Same comment five time! Gosh.
    @Drink rarely, dude, this is wrong.

    Dude it was a great read, great knowing you. πŸ™‚ LOL

  9. You write easily, and whatever. I guess that skill was acquired or boosted during exams of your Engineering.
    I am doing Engineering πŸ™‚

  10. We have somethings in common … I admire MS Dhoni for his calm, and also fair play …
    And I don’t mind Bollywood but find little time to watch many flicks …
    Also I would have loved to have enjoyed instant bliss with one single goal in football, but although I have played some football, I was no good…:(
    And I also was never a bully or a ragger
    I enjoy garba and Dandiya but have to re-learn the steps each year πŸ™‚
    I have a poor opinion of CBSE…. and I loved History and believe Tolerance is the only survival mantra for this world …

    I guess most people dislike obsessive love, but why hate it? If two people are happy with lovey-dovey, overt love why not just given them our best wishes πŸ™‚
    I don’t believe in victimless crimes, why not just live and let live?

    Religion of course is misunderstood and there are so many who are trying so hard to make us understand it πŸ˜‰

  11. @Chirag
    Fine, I allow you to improve my drinking habits.

    No, that skill worsened in engineering. πŸ™‚


    Hmm. Many things in common. Nice.

    I hate obsessive love for myself. Otherwise, even with obsessive love I believe in tolerance.

  12. lol @ 8th point πŸ˜€

    I too hate tags and I have so many pending that I don’t remember also πŸ™‚

    Nicely done !!!

  13. good fun reading this!

    and considering you love making people laigh, how come we NEVER get to see that side of yours? come on! give us a rib-tickling funny post and i will believe ya! :p

    aur abhi shaadi bhi nahi hui (assuming assuming) aur extra marital affair ki batein! where are those SRS hooligans when you need them?!

    i think two things should be banned! religion and autos! πŸ™‚



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