India attacks Sri Lanka in Pakistan

In the event of the dastardly attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan by suspected terrorists, the Pakistani media is responding with archetypal hysteria and is resorting to blame games bordering on apathetic insanity.

Former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Gen(R) Hameed Gul said India is trying to weaken Pakistan.

Commenting on the attack on Sri Lankan team, Gul told Geo News that India wants to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and firing on Sri Lankan team is related to the that conspiracy. [Geo TV]

Even the Sri Lankan government is resorting to questionable conspiracy theories by suggesting that the LTTE might be involved in the attack, hence diverging from Pakistan-sponsored and home grown terrorism.

“I have heard the LTTE mentioned on the airwaves. There is considerable speculation, but we will await the outcome of the investigation before we comment,” Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona said. “We are reassured that Pakistan authorities are conducting a probe to arrest the assailants and bring them to justice,” he added. [The News Pakistan]

Fortunately, all cricketers are safe according to latest reports. Eight Pakistani security personnel lost their lives in the ‘Mumbai-style’ attacks. It is a shame that Pakistan failed to provide adequate security to the cricket team. Given the undeniable importance of cricket in the subcontinent, this attacks bears heavy on Pakistan’s so-called initiative against terrorism on its soil.

Irrespective of how Pakistan tackles this episode, the future of Pakistan cricket is thrown into complete uncertainty as there is unlikely to be any cricket tour to the country in the forseeable future.


12 thoughts on “India attacks Sri Lanka in Pakistan

  1. Gentleman’s Game! Isn’t it really easy for anyone to put the blame on “Others” instead of taking the responsibility and owning the fact that internally the government is unstable and eventually they will be no democracy left.

  2. This is definitely sad for cricket in Pakistan. I mean Woolmer was killed but not a lot of feathers were ruffled. This will now make the world sit up and take notice.

    Pakistan has to realise that it cannot turn a blind eye to the terrorist networks in the hope that they’re good for Pakistan since they hurt India.

    The foreign policy that Pakistan has adopted all these years has not turned on its head and they cannot control the demon that it nurtured for so long.

    But sportspersons? and that too from Pakistan? Really cannot understand the motive behind this. Tells you that the terrorists will shoot whosoever is available.

  3. @Chirag Chamoli

    Yes. And that after Pakistani politicians and ex-cricketers had promised that no sportsmen would be attacked, as Jihadis are not ‘interested’ in them.

  4. What we are witnessing is Pakistan’s descent into chaos. Too many parallel centers of power have been allowed to develop in that country and the results are now on display. It is easy to blame an external enemy for the predicament you find yourselves in, but that is not going to help stop the slide.

  5. the fools started the blame game within an hour of the attack…

    jet speed of investigation eh !! idiots…

    thankfully sanity prevailed… some afghans are arrested i hear !

  6. @Sagarone
    You put my thoughts into words.

    Yes. Arrests have been made. That was bound to happen. It’s the attitude that is shocking.

  7. lol… interested / available. Such perverts we are 🙂

    Btw, do check out my post on this conspiracy theory against Pakistan…

  8. Its really really sad no trailblazer? Some people just bring bad name to the sport…
    I sense conspiracy within all this-especially after I read that Pakistani Team changed their plan at the last minute because normally both the teams are in the same bus!-I wish to believe it is not so but….
    Anyways, nice look trailblazer.
    -This is actually mithe(I have started a new blog for my stories on wordpress and my username there is mithez)

  9. This attack was unexpected but most unexpected was the blame on India because it makes Pakistan’s stand even more perplexing. Under pressure all they could come up with is to create something similar to 26/11 and ask the world for “justice”.

    I don’t know when they will learn that it is high time they take care of their home instead of keep accusing everyone of their sad state.

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