8 thoughts on “Vote, fellas!

  1. But for whom TB? Do a post on the options!

    Now have heard that after Mayawati, even Sharad Pawar is in the running for PM! Whatever happens, be sure that the next PM will be damn Ugly.

  2. @Pangala Nagendra Rao
    Yes. Agree. But I am doing it.

    Ha ha. I’d take an ugly PM if good governance is provided.

  3. Saw this advt. on youtube promoted by some cine actors. The question still is should one vote for the party or the candidate. If candidate then will he still get a cabinet rank as our constitution allows even Rajya Sabha members to be ministers. So even after losing elections one becomes Home Minister like Shivraj Patil who resigned after 26/11.

  4. Solilo, these are the General Elections, so basically you are voting for the party at the centre and the Prime minister. If the party you vote for comes into power, candidates can become ministers even if they loose or don’t even stand for elections. Whereas, if the candidate you vote for belongs to the loosing party, he’s only a voice in the parliament.

    I’d written a detailed post on it.

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