Expel Varun Gandhi


With general elections less than a month away, BJP leader Varun Gandhi’s alleged hate speech in Pilibhit was shameless propaganda from the Gandhi scion in an attempt to win a seat from Uttar Pradesh. The BJP-led NDA would do well to immediately repudiate Gandhi’s remarks and expel him from the party, if they are to give an indication of being mature enough to win the Lok Sabha elections.

News channels spun into a frenzy as the Hindu-Muslim fire had been ignited once again. While sense has prevailed and most leaders including Muslims from the BJP have condemned Gandhi’s remarks, the Shiv Sena has his back with their claims of ‘nothing wrong’ having been said by Gandhi. The silence of more influential leaders like Narendra Modi and Prime Minister-in-waiting L K Advani is baffling though as their quick denouncement would do a world of good to the tattered image of the BJP.

Varun Gandhi’s ‘clarification’ is unapologetic and absurd, doubling the necessity to expel the leader.

“I am a victim of political conspiracy. It was not my voice, not my words,” Mr Gandhi told a press conference in the Indian capital, Delhi.


Even if we were to suppose that he is a victim of a political conspiracy, just how is it not ‘his voice’ and how are those not ‘his words’?


11 thoughts on “Expel Varun Gandhi

  1. I think, Varun has taken a courageous, albeit a dangerous stand, against the aggressive sexual predators of UP who are motivated by jihadist zeal. The consequent character assassination which Varun has had to face is a political master stroke by his opponents to cushion the ‘Yuvraj’ from any comparison with Varun – who is also fighting on the same turf.

    BJP would do good to train the young boy in art of public discourse without extinguishing his Nationalist zeal. Varun can do a NAMO in UP by winning back the traditional Nationalist vote-base that has shifted to BSP.

    Varun – “Winds in Your Sails Pal! Give em Hell”

  2. its important rots like these are nipped in the bud and not allowed to flower like Raj Thackrey or Praveen Togadia or Muthaliks… extremist ideologies have no place in our democratic.. and liberal societies…

    I hope he isnt saved by anyone and made to pay for what he spoke… !

  3. And I’m surprised how can I say those were not his words and then, clarify what he said. If those were not his words, what’s the purpose of a clarification.

    And see how corrupt and inefficient our law and order system is – Should’nt he be immediately arrested for inciting communal hatred – He walks free and does press conferences and so does Raj Thackrey.

    And the ‘Tamasic’ is sure impressed 😀

  4. I am sure we don’t want Varun Gandhi type young politicians. Trying to flare up already confused citizens. Thackerays as usual are siding with him.

    Varun Gandhi can’t be banned from contesting elections but he sure should be behind bars. He isn’t getting anybody’s vote.

  5. BJP could see they were losing. Indian populace doesn’t vote for mandirs and rath yatras, so they must frighten the real India with some stories of how all their sufferings are because of some other Indian citizens.
    And at the same time beat the rivals by playing the Dynasty card!

  6. @All
    Not in the rhythm of blogging over the last month. Concerned responses will come up soon.

    Thank you for your patience. 🙂

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