Return to Blogging

Dear Reader,

A heads-up post. A return to blogging is on the cards. A new and improved Trailblazer shall start posting as soon as I can. The time-out happened because of certain personal matters, a sudden and inexplicable lack of motivation to blog and a few professional alterations that are still to be sorted out.

I am absolutely gutted that I could not cover two key events (Well, one way more important than the other rationally but I dont think the world will agree with me) that I would’ve relished covering – the Indian General Elections and the Indian Premier League.

Looking ahead to the future then, I can only promise a new and improved The Cape of Good Hope.


PS: The language is crude, yes. The writing is ordinary, yes. The depth is non-existant, yes. If nothing, forgive me. 😀


8 thoughts on “Return to Blogging

  1. @Kislay, Munim, Smitha, Solilo
    Thanks a lot. People like you make me want to blog, blog and blog. 😀

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