Why #IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter

Key figures in the IPL held a discussion (not covered in mainstream media) on why the IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter at all.

lalitmodi2 – This is frustrating. After owning the entire India and the entire cricket world, I can’t understand why we can’t own Twitter. We should be trending consistently.

ayushmann – Sir, maybe Twitter users are tired of these ads and terms that we keep using. I just woke up from sleep and I was taking a dump. And I told my commode that it took a Karbonn Kamaal catch!

angad – HAHAHA! You didn’t say that, Ayush? Did you? That’s a Citi Moment of Success. Or Shitty. 😀 😀

ayushmann– Abey saale, has ley!! Tujhe toh Extraaa Innnings me hona hi nahi chahiye!

lalitmodi2 – Guys, this issue is no joke. I need to get to the bottom of this. We must own Twitter.

gaurav – Why is this #MyBoobsAreFor trending? Maybe this is one of those IPL trends.

samir – Haha. #MyBoobsAreFor is trending? I must get on Twitter now. This should be fun. Geeheehee!

lalitmodi2– You crazy nut. Are you paid to joke around?? And who is that blue-eyed buffoon you have brought along? This is a secret meeting!

samir– He is my good friend, sir. He won’t say anything to anybody. Promise. Sachhi.

lalitmodi2– Get him out of here!!! Or it’ll cost you your job, Sameer! As it is, you appear too weird on screen.

samir2 – Right sir, point noted. Err, weird??

SRK – I have thousands of followers on Twitter, Lalit. I usually talk to them about dreams/sleep/Knights and stuff. Maybe, I could help the IPL trend.

lalitmodi2 – That would be fantabulousastic, SRK! Do that, will you? I will also tweet consistently to my followers.

angad3 – I will also set up a Twitter account, sir. The other day #AngadBediisGod was trending. Awesome! By Gawd, amazing hai ji!

lalitmodi4 – Dude, what’s with that sick moustachio you’ve got on you?

angad2 – Lalitji, mera beta is chosen for Mangal Pandey 2. I just heard the announcement. Even I, when promoting him through my family name, didn’t think ki yeh itna sahi launda hai!!

lsiva – Sir, my commentary team thinks we are not publicizing enough on Twitter. I think you should take some of mine or Ravi Shastri’s soundbytes and tweet them regularly. What about IPL bots? Do we have any IPL bots?

ravishastri – High-five on that, Siva! Totally agree with you. We should do that. I love commentary. Would love commentary tweets even more! No need of bots. I want to do commentary on Twitter!!

lalitmodi4 – Who’s the officer next to you, Ravi? Have you done something wrong again?

lsiva – HAHA. Lalitji, some people filed a case against Ravi for ‘Overenthusiastic, Mindbogglingly Simple-Yet-Complex Cricket Commentary’. He was asked to explain. I think he’s there right now.

cutegirl – Hello, Laleetji. I think you need cheerleaders from the East in the mix. I could help you with that.

lalitmodi5 – Well hello my beautiful lady. What is your name? Also, give me your phone number. Also, give me your hand.

ayushmann – There he goes again! *winks*

lalitmodi4 – AYUSH!!!! STFU, you *$#&^$^*($&! Have you forgotten I’m your boss?!!?! :X 

gaurav – Hahahahahahaha…… 🙂 🙂

samir2 – EPIC LOL! ROFL!

Somebody interrupts…

lalitmodi2  – Hello, who are you? Are you supposed to be here?



justinbieber – No, dude. That’s pretty lame-ass. My name is JUSTIN BIEBER. And IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter BECAUSE I DO!

gaurav – Yeah? But what about the other trends? ‘I love’, ‘America dies for’, ‘#MyBoobsArePropertyOf’??


And that is why the #IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter.

Mind you, they are trying hard though……

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18 thoughts on “Why #IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter

  1. uffffffffffffff justin guy is everywhere !
    i hate him plzzzzzzzzzzz block him frm twitter trends

    Regarding #ipl nt trending well the series is a lengthy one n people lose track n intrest. more contest can help n BTW stars like shilpa priety and warne themselves dont use the tag #ipl in their tweets n many others tweet about ipl without tagging

    BTW nice post 🙂

    follow me if u wish @zoooni

  2. Hahaha! Awesome! Best entertaining piece I have read all day! Keep up da good work! But seriously, the simple reason #IPL does not trend is because majority Twitter users are still those who have grown beyond IPL.. Wait till it gets more popular..

    Personally, I wish #IPL never trends.

  3. Hahahaha…very good blog…mind blowing…like the part where Lalit Modi is bossing over everyone…so Typical so true.

    BTW I am sick and tired of IPL now and only reason is gross commercialization of cricket…its pain to watch IPL with those irritating ads…new sponsored words during commentary…Cameras showing face and expression of the player rather then the actual game…Cricket between ads…ads between balls…

    and Lalit Modi everywhere……



  4. @Zooni – Thanks a lot. Agree with you there.

    @Vadukkus – Thanks! I don’t want the IPL to trend either. 🙂

    @Abhi_Bol – Thank you. I agree with your points. Indeed, that is exactly what the IPL is.

    @Solilo – Thanks. 😀

    @Someone – Thank you.

    @Lucifer – Thanks a bunch!

  5. isn’t it a good thing that IPL doesnt trend on twitter? I mean does one really want IPL to evade our virtual lives too… tsh tsh.. stay away #ipl… :P.

  6. Bwahaha I found your post so hilarious that I’ve actually put up this link on my blog’s fan page on FB.Hope you don’t mind :))

  7. @Nishant – It is. That was never the intention of this post. I like it that it doesn’t trend. But I hope Justin Bieber doesn’t trend too. 😀

    @Tharangni – Thanks! 🙂

    @Samadrita – It’s perfectly okay. Please share this post with as many as you want. And thanks a lot. 🙂

  8. Lalitji should not give this easily, its time he relased the shashi-sunanda sex tape with the #ipl hashtag

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