Lessons from China

I recently undertook a trip to the Chinese capital of Beijing. And I have made a few observations about our ‘dear’ neighbour in connection with India and her people:

-> By nature, the Chinese appear very ignorant of the world. It doesn’t seem like they are well-informed. If you think they know India (or even care about it), you can forget that fact.

-> They are very focused on their work. Not for nothing is China progressing. The infrastructure in Beijing is worth admiring. There is no doubt about the fact that the people choose to believe in the system over faces, which is exactly the opposite our quintessential Indian habit of trusting a face over a system.

-> Everything is well-organized. The Chinese display a natural tendency to behave and obey orders pretty well. While this obviously restricts individual development (unlike in India and the United States), but it also allows chaos to move out of the way.

-> I know we can never trust China as a nation. History is enough proof for that. But there is a lot we can learn from the Chinese people as a whole.

-> On the negative side, there is poverty all around. And Beijing is also as polluted, as it is organized. The communist society in China doesn’t appear entirely classless. Moreover, educated Chinese people who have gone abroad have realized their self-worth, which has made them mildly anti-socialist. My tour guide was one such person.

Overall, it was a learning experience. And I must concede that development-wise, China is ahead of India. Even the most patriotic person in me will just have to acknowledge that fact.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from China

  1. Living in Singapore, I share some of your observations made about chinese people irrespective of where they reside. Specially, the below one :

    “The Chinese display a natural tendency to behave and obey orders pretty well.”

    Most chinese do not have ego or attitude problems, whereas a lot of us have ego problems and we refuse to be organised under ‘someone else’ ( We prefer to orgainse it ourselves ) .

    I wonder if your article needed the below statment
    “I must concede that development-wise, China is ahead of India.”

    I don’t think thats a secret, what you could have revealed is the number of decades they are “ahead”.

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