Verdict: Fear

With the Babri Masjid verdict all set to be announced by the Allahabad High Court on September 30th after a deferring by the Supreme Court from the original date of September 24th, India awaits the result with baited breath.

Yes? No. Not really. The issue, as has been pointed out numerous times, does not connect with a new India that is more focused on India’s economic improvements and genuine rise rather than sort out an age-old issue that, yes, did divide the country on communal lines back in the early 90s.

Now, a quiet majority of this country may be glad to put the past behind by hoping to accept any decision from the High Court. But what may have gone unnoticed is that India has already lost, as a whole. Look around you. Talk Babri and you are basically using a word that may be synonymous to ‘Fear’.

From Facebook statuses to Twitter talks, from SMSes to activists visiting houses to ask people to not venture out, it’s nothing more than game of fear. What purpose does any ‘important’ issue serve if the people primarily disconnected with the issue if you talk about India’s young, are driven back to their homes and asked to embrace fear over freedom?

There is so much fear of reactions from either sides of the Babri conflict, that the importance of the verdict seemingly pales in comparison. If sensitivity over historical issues perpetrates a mindset of continuing distress on the people of the country, then how respectable is that sensitivity? This is nothing more than ‘Feelings Terror’, one that may not necessarily be accompanied by violence but succeeds in generating enough panic in the mind and the heart.

There will only be victory if we can get over it.


2 thoughts on “Verdict: Fear

  1. The reason for the stated “fear” is due to the fact that earlier connection/memory one has with the babri masjid/ram janmabhoomi thing are the 1992-1993 riots. Once after tomorrow’s verdict if there are no similar incidents then people will surely overcome the “fear”. Till then it might be better to take precautions as how much ever we want to shut our eyes towards this issue, the ‘old India’ doesn’t seem like leaving it.

  2. The ‘old India’ is experiencing its twilight hour. Its a matter of time before such things stop mattering to any of us. But, I do think that getting this closure is very necessary. We need to put the ghosts of our past to rest.. sometime or the other!

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