Politics isn’t People

The funny story with many Indians is that some believe everything, and some don’t believe anything. So when you tend to stay away from an Indian state because of what political party is in running or what ‘kind’ of people live there, you are clearly in a demented state of mind and way more influenced by national media, conspiracy theorists and blood-hungry intellectuals than you ideally should be.

So, if you decide to stay away from a state because your mind perceives it to be ‘like something’, then you miss out on the fun. And pretty much, everything else. To make myself further clear, every Indian state has it’s people. And not every citizen is political, control-obsessed, killing, murdering, raping, corrupt etc. Many (or most) are kind and welcoming. More importantly, they have a culture to present to you. A culture that they are proud of, a culture that exists minus the politics of the state.

That said, yes, there are problems. No state is crime-free. There have been riots and people have died. It is such instances that we must have zero tolerance for, while actively considering all states as an integral part of the same country. For such instances, the state machinery must be empowered while preserving the connect that the state must have with all others of the country.

In short, politics doesn’t define people. People move on. People adopt the ideals of the Constitution far better than the power brokers do. And keeping that in mind, we must open ourselves up to visiting any state of India, and revelling in what it has to offer. And like most things in life, there’s always something good on offer.

If you can see it.