Year End And All That

So, 2011 is here. Err, not yet. Except in Chatham Islands.

While the rest of the world engages in the usually thought-provoking New Year’s resolutions (“I promise to buy my boxers, and not let my mom do it” or “I promise to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s new TV show and it’s incessant replays”), let’s study the usual email sending and Facebook tagging that didn’t happen in those golden ages.

You should consider yourself lucky if, unlike me, you didn’t get an email that attempts to sell me collage mugs along with the customary New Year’s greetings. No, it’s a collage mug. Not a college mug. I didn’t misspell. Not only do you get one collage mug, but two for the price of one. Like two Sagarika Ghoses. One on TV, and the other on Twitter. Holy Moses! Hey, it rhymes.

Like how Pamela Anderson’s arrival in Mumbai and departure from Bigg Boss takes the BB out of BB4, a New Year’s without emails, Facebook and Blue Mountain greeting cards is unsatisfyingly B-less, forget BBs. And if you think ‘BB’ stands for BlackBerry, you should return focus to that chat notification on your BB device RIGHT NOW.

So, that’s that. Tags on Facebook hit new levels when the comments, packed with ‘♥’, ‘♥♥’ and ‘♥♥♥’ that flood the photo you were tagged in. As if the torture of just being tagged wasn’t enough. It’s like how Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour is sometimes complete with the appearance of Ravi Shankar Prasad. Sometimes? Err.

Like India’s ambitions of becoming a superpower before uber-patriotic Kalaignar Karunanidhi breathes last, I promise to make THAT resolution THAT I will live up to. Won’t forget. Will spray paint it on my room’s walls, will tweet it incessantly, will Facebook tag it. Wooo! What all this tells us is that love and commitment to promises does exist. No matter how fake or real it is, no matter how manufactured or genuine it is, IT EXISTS! I SCREAM to tell you that.

So, Happy New Year, then. Don’t forget to wish your friends on Facebook. And pray you are never tagged in something like this. Because nothing says and love and friendship like this photo.


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