I have read a lot of posts on who people admire when they were growing up. And inspired by so many of those repeated ones, I thought I’d pen down some words on who I admire a lot since I have grown up (if you can put the age of 24 in the ‘grown ups’ category).


Her name is Namita Mukeshbhai Vankawala. Now, you may have not heard of this name. Hardcore fans like me have. She is known by her more popular name – NAMITHA. And, NAMITHA, mind you, IS A GOD FOR ME. Period. Why I mention her full name here (which I learned from Wikipedia instantly) is because she was born in Gujarat (which happens to be my state, by the way) and carries all the typical name-qualities of a Gujarati. For example, putting the bhai in Mukeshbhai is an archetypal Gujju technique of ensuring we match up to ‘fellow Indians in the South’ (which is a more polite term to use and will get me lesser sambhar cups thrown in my direction by the DMK) names in the Battle For Longer Full Names.


This woman is fascinating, I must tell you. Like how Uday Chopra is the Uday Chopra of Bollywood, Namitha goes completely in the opposite direction by raising satisfaction levels to highs they’ve never seen before. She makes the creator of the term ‘Massive Mammaries’ bow all of his heads in shame. And gives me the creative space to create a new term – Ubermassive Mammaries. Yeah okay, it’s not that creative.

If the Indian middle class can’t spend a day without seeing one Bollywood movie or another or more, I’m sure Namitha fans can’t spend a night without taking a glance at her photos on Google and other websites that contain the kind of Indian masala that isn’t available in a spices market.


Such is her diverse array of talents that she can be successful in any film industry that has better standards than Bollywood. She has starred in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam AND English films (Source: Wikipedia) and has even contested the Miss India pageant (Again source: Wikipedia). On dull Facebook days, it only takes a Namitha picture on her fan page to cheer me up. On dull Twitter days, I go to Google. She even makes Mallika Sherawat appear Mallika Sherawat-less!

The rise of Namitha is one of the most un-narrated stories in the Indian cinematic landscape. It is blasphemous that so many overrated models and actors get so much mainstream media coverage while Namitha is hardly ever there. Where she deserves to be. Whether in a saree or a police uniform or a bikini or merely taking a bath in front of the camera, Namitha is as glamorous as one can be and oozes ooze.

And some more.

Pictures Courtesy: [Google Image Search: Hot Namitha]


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