The World Peace Religious Symbol

Intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals all over this world’s greatest superpower-wannabe, India, have written about various religious symbols and why we must work hard to either offend them or NOT offend them. Now which ever side of the argument you are on, I must offer you the complete freedom to make fun of my religious symbol.

Rupa Frontline Underwear (And Banyan).


Yes, this is my religious symbol. Now before I get into further details explaining this pious deity, let me clarify what a religious symbol exactly is.

‘Something’ you have to worship everyday, ‘something’ you must pay heed to when you wake up from a drunken night’s sleep, ‘something’ you have to value more than anything else in your cupboard, ‘something’ that must be with you everyday. The only problem with this religious symbol is that you can’t carry around the same deity everyday. Change one deity for a duplicate deity, and life’s good.

And hence nothing qualifies more so, in my life at least, than Rupa Frontline.


Yeh Aaram Ka Maamla Hai is the accompanying prayer. My religious symbol offers no compulsion to say the prayer everyday but it is recommended that the prayer be said so that whatever maamla you are involved in has a lot of aaram too. And mind you, Rupa Frontline has answered all my prayers. Simply because it is always there, everyday.

You can even buy this religious symbol [here], and make it your own. And pray everyday to it. While the symbol of peace and religion (?) is largely white, Rupa Frontline offers varieties in several colours (including pink) and you can see why the union of Rupa Frontline with World Peace is inevitable. [Last I checked, World Peace is NOT an undergarments brand. Yet.]

And I’m not too touchy about my religious symbol. You can make fun of my religious symbol and you will not find me amassing foot soldiers of the Rupa Frontline Protection Army (RFPA) to burn your house down or kidnap your mother-in-law or something like that.

All Time Number One Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is himself seen as a symbol of religious unity across the world [here], agrees with me entirely. “I agree with you, dude”, he says while opening his arms wide (the one where the arms go in opposite directions directly parallel to the below-the-belt area and perpendicular to the ground) for the 2,23,417th time for a movie scene he is currently shooting.

So, in the spirit of fairness and the spirit of Fair-N-Handsome creams, I firmly believe that the best way to a peaceful world is the adoption of Rupa Frontline as a universal religious symbol by the thousands and millions of human beings (and Uday Choprian creatures).

Buy now!

PS: Rupa has a YouTube channel, too.

[Pictures Courtesy: Google Search]


5 thoughts on “The World Peace Religious Symbol

  1. I’m not sure if this qualifies as iconoclasm exactly but if it does, I’m all for it! Lets have more stuff along these lines buddy. Well done 🙂

  2. @Mahesh – Thanks. 🙂

    @Nishtha – Hmmm. I’ll have to think about this. And ’em wimmen, me not speak. Forget a post on those lines. Just not me! 😀

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