The Burden Of Injustice

After penning a few thoughts on the Narendra Modi ‘situation’ (the apostrophe marks to describe this word are used because of it’s indescribable nature), I’d like to further share some views on how delayed justice is as costly to India as socialism was in the pre-liberalization era.

Now, this isn’t a post narrating the construct of the Indian judiciary or how it works. Cynicism aside, it has a history of delivering justice (albeit, there being a range of delay from a very short span to insanely long ones). It is the constitutional duty of any judiciary to deliver justice to it’s citizens. Not a doubt about that.

It’s about the burdens that pile up, when it doesn’t deliver.

Take the Narendra Modi scenario, again. It is unlikely that we will ever find the truth, and even if the truth is uncovered, it will be followed by a series of hurrahs and denials from various categories of opinionated people. In fact, the only things certain about the Modi situation are the responses of these individuals. Many of them will be so influential, that they will readily be able to influence the lesser-informed, the ignorant and simply the people who go by their every word.

Now all of this wouldn’t mean a thing if effective justice was delivered regularly, and the courts had the final word (while keeping the constitutional provisions of appeals in mind). But that hasn’t happened. So what we are left with is a country that doesn’t rely on justice, but relies on all the propaganda surrounding the injustice. We are, today, a bunch of clowns just waiting for *injustice* to be delivered.

Since this has become the norm, expectations for justice are zilch. A society that thrives on the prevalence of injustice in so many areas that it is mind-boggling to even imagine how it will redeem itself to ever convince the ordinary, expectant citizen that justice is not an impossible dream.

This is a very shocking predicament, for a country that aspires to influence the world someday. Because once millions of minds are accustomed to failure of duties, what are the chances they will themselves do their rightful duties? Less. It creates a society that lives on mistrust, with a burden of problems that are likely to remain problems. Problems are always accompanied by some form of acceptance. And what is to happen if we accept everything around us – as it is? History cites several examples. But continue to accept, we will.

Generations will live through these circumstances, accepting and imbibing the very alternative of certain beliefs (liberty, justice, truth) that a country is supposed to be founded on. The same generations will create similar circumstances because of the experiences from previous generations. It is a desperate situation, if one fails to notice it.

And I’m not sure if a mere screaming of ‘WAKE UP’ works anymore.


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