What The Triumph Means

Good bloggers (must) have written to death about India’s cricket World Cup triumph in Mumbai. One tends to believe that adding any more is utterly purposeless, since the images doing the rounds in newspapers and television channels speak so much for themselves.

But I will.

Because this triumph means the world to the billions of Indian cricket fans who have supported the team through phases of victories and defeats. Through pain and perseverance. Through sweat and tears. Through joy and pride.

Nothing like this has ever engulfed the India of today, as the win at the Wankhede has. 1983 was a different India. 2011 is a different India. Today, there is a diverse array of Indias that comes together just the once every time 50 overs are played, to support the one set of eleven individuals who have now redefined the concept of ‘gladiators’.

It’s not about the trophy. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the fanfare. It’s not even about the feelings. It may not even be about Sachin.

It’s about the sheer unity on display, and the waving Indian flags. We are a divided lot, this nation. We have our own flags (religion, organizations, political parties and the list goes on), but it is sincerely heartening to see each and every one of the 1.2 billion unite under ONE flag – the Indian tricolour.

When Mahendra Singh Dhoni, easily one of the greatest leaders in the history of the game and an inspiration for anyone seeking to step up and take charge in any sphere of life, brought bat to ball to slam that six into the stands – his eyes said it all. Even our frailties as a nation were actually visible in this iconic moment of glory – Dhoni didn’t know how to react. He hesitated from rejoicing, moved away to grab a stump as Yuvraj Singh closed in with a bear hug. A hug that has never been more symbolic to the fortunes and the future of India.

Having grown up watching the Indian cricket team go through it’s ups and downs, it is impossible to calculate the sheer impact of this victory on the mindset. A change for the better, like never before. And before these wonderful set of sportsmen walk away towards the setting sun, let’s take a moment to stand up and bow down to the uniting waves set on roll in an ocean of joy that have drenched us all. Touched us all. Felt us all.

Happiness. Love. Billion. Prayers. Indian. Cricket. Team. World. Champions.




2 thoughts on “What The Triumph Means

  1. Uh well, see, now you go ahead write a blog post and I can’t write.
    Well written, this feeling *still* has to sink in, I wake up everyday with the thought that we are the champions and quite unnecessarily I’ll keep smiling to myself the whole day thinking about the last shot played by Dhoni.
    WHAT. A. MATCH 🙂

  2. Sadly, as is the case with everything in the known universe, there are exceptions to what has been mentioned in the post.
    Whenever India lost a wicket, the peope in the slum behind my house (Muslim populace, or should I call them Pakistanis?) would burst crackers and create joyful banter. And finally when India did win, my house-maid told me “karara jawab diya un basti waalo ko”

    So, I guess, you will have to remove few from those 1.2 billion 😦

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