What ACTUALLY Happens At Indo-Pak Talks

Ever wondered what happens when India and Pakistan meet in foreign secretary-level talks? Here goes.













SALMAN BASHIR: Yo India! How’s it hanging? Err. What’s up?














NIRUPAMA RAO: All good, dude. Apart from a few scams here and there and Karunanidhi’s constant whining over Kanimozhi.


















LOL! 😀 Anyway, getting back to business. So what are India’s claims this time?

Oh, as if our previous demands have been met? What about bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai to justice? That dude Hafiz Saeed gives speeches as if Pakistan is his father-in-law’s country…! Is it his father-in-law’s country, by the way?




















RAVI SHASTRI: In the end, cricket is the winner.








Hehe, that’s what you think! In the end, ISI is the winner. 😉













DUDE, KALAIGNAR. WTF! Hold on Bashir, you ain’t going anywhere. I’ve got this under control. Chill.











SHAH RUKH KHAN: Arey, wah! This kind of nonsense goes on at Indo-Pak talks?! Damn. Anyway, I AM THE NUMBER ONE ‘NUMBER ONE CROWN SEEKING’ GUY, at least. Hee hee. Die Aamir.








WELCOME TO IPL 5!! *fireworks*











BABA RAMDEV: The best way to solve our problems is Fast Unto Death. Also the only way to cure homosexuality is through breathing, which actually means breathing air from one guy to another. Or smooching…..Also…








That’s raced away to the boundary like a tracer bullet.








What is going on?! Somebody get me outta here…! OSAMAAA, where art thou?

14 thoughts on “What ACTUALLY Happens At Indo-Pak Talks

  1. ROFLMAO XDDD! This reminds me of the post with the Justin Bieber, Lalit Modi pictures which made me follow you on twitter.

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