Like all other wannabe-well-known bloggers of India, I tweet.

I started tweeting when Shilpa Shetty still had some time to appear in ordinary Hindi movies, but in 2011 – you only see her as part of that VIP cricket crowd at a Rajasthan Royals’ match.

Apparently, it was also the time Shakti Kapoor finally decided to give up on those priceless B-grade movies and started wearing more than just flimsy undergarments. This moment, surprisingly, did not make it to TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Moments Of The Year – a list that featured Rakhi Sawant, Shahid Kapoor and other esteemed dignitaries of the Indian celebrity universe.

So what do I tweet about? When I blog, yes, you will find two-three plugs of the post. But apart from that, I spend a lot of time on Twitter with the single-minded aim to someday find out why Twitter wastes so much of my time, and has led to lesser blogging over the years.

Do follow this blogger…err, Twitterer…on Twitter.


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