Among other things

Inflation hits an all-time high of 7.83% among other things.

Hindu children are forced to wear turbans in Punjabi schools among other things.

The Gods create havoc in Kerala among other things.

The Indian hockey team does a few good things in Malaysia among other things.

The Great Khali is set to team up with a new tag team partner, Bollywood, among other things.

Aamir Khan takes a dig at Shah Rukh Khan on his blog among other things.

And our dear old friend Terror had a multi-cuisine breakfast, satiating lunch and a pleasing dinner at 7 places in Jaipur. Terror loves India, you know. He finds it really easy to smuggle into our country, have fun, create noise, turmoil, chaos, disorder and of course take a few lives in the process that nobody dare care about in a country that takes immense pride in it’s callousness to such events. We are conceitedly weak and foolishness comes naturally to us because we will never understand the need for SEPARATE LAWS to tackle Terror.

He is waiting to come back and he knows we will welcome him with open arms as national security is something that neither us or the decision makers holding important posts at the top of the country’s administrative set-up care about…

…among other things.


4 thoughts on “Among other things

  1. Ohh ya…….. We love those folks in mask ;-)(sorry state of affair, but then we cant do anything, other that vote those(read : Congress, left) buggers out of parliament)

    Kris has written a good brief analysis on terror in India…….worth a read……… check it out ………

  2. @sachin
    Yes. Krishna has written it pretty well. Worth a read (Note: Read The Naive Indian. Link on main page).

    Yes. To the point works best.

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